‘Āhihi-Kīna’u Surgeonfish (Tangs and Unicornfish too)

Convict Tang and Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse Achilles and Yellow Tang and Blackfin ChromisJuvenile Convict Tang and Juvenile Teardrop Butterflyfish Achilles and Yellow Tang and Blackfin ChromisConvict Tang and Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse Whitebar SurgeonfishConvict Tang, Cleaner Wrasses and Flagtails Sailfin TangPeacock Groupers with Convict TangPeacock Grouper with Convict TangSleek Unicornfish Whitebar SurgeonfishWhitetip Shark and Orangespine UnicornfishSleek Unicornfish Sub-adult Orangebar Surgeonfish Sailfin TangWhite-spotted SurgeonfishWhite-spotted SurgeonfishWhitebar SurgeonfishBrown or Lavender SurgeonfishBluespine UnicornfishPaletail UnicornfishPaletail UnicornfishEyestripe or Whitespine Surgeonfish With Convict TangsOrangespine Unicornfish and Cleaner Wrasse Juvenile Bluelined SurgeonfishEyestripe or Whitespine Surgeonfish Paletail Unicornfish Goldring Surgeonfish Goldring Surgeonfish TopGoldring Surgeonfish and Juvenile Yellow TangTwo Goldring SurgeonfishBluespine UnicornfishEyestripe or Whitespine Surgeonfish Convict TangAchilles TangSailfin TangYellow Tang and Goldring Surgeonfish Cleaning Green Sea TurtleJuvenile Orangeband SurgeonfishJuvenile Orangeband SurgeonfishJuvenile Orangeband SurgeonfishTwo Orangespine UnicornfishYellow TangsJuvenile Orangeband SurgeonfishBluespine UnicornfishRingtail SurgeonfishGreen Sea Turtle at Cleaning StationRingtail Surgeonfish