Uhu Parrotfishes (most commonly seen by snorkelers on Maui)

          DSC01734 ember parrotfish cleaner wrasse             DSC06693 red lip parrotfish

                    Female Ember (Redlip) Parrotfish                Scarus  rubroviolaceus                    Male Ember (Redlip) Parrotfish

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            DSC08315 stareyed parrotfish initial phase wm             

                                 Female Stareye Parrotfish                        Calotomus carolinus                Male Stareye Parrotfish


            DSC03976 spectacled parrotfish female in transition wm                spectacled parrotfish excWM

                                   Female Spectacled Parrotfish           Chlorurus perspicillatus       Male Spectacled Parrotfish


             DSC06727 bulletnose parrotfish                 DSC03885 bullethead parrotfish face exc wm

                                   Female Bullethead Parrotfish                             Chlorurus sordidus                      Male Bullethead Parrotfish


              parrotfish cleaner wrasses excWM                  DSC09930 palenose parrotfish wm

                                      Female Palenose Parrotfish                             Scarus psittacus                     Male Palenose Parrotfish